Client Guide

Thank you for booking in at The Roots Foundation! From August 2022, our COVID19 and general health and safety measures are as follows.



Before your appointment


1. Please cancel your appointment if you feel generally unwell (coughs, cold, bugs etc.). Please cancel if you have developed COVID19 symptoms within 10 days of your appointment. (Please note: cancellation policy may apply)


2. Please attend with clean hair and avoid using hair products if possible. 


3. Please attend your appointment alone (unless you require a guardian, or are accompanying a child).


4. Cash is accepted but please pay by contactless card payment if possible.




1. Please sanitise your hands and wait in the ‘wait area’. Your barber will call you forward.




1. Please ask your barber if you’d like them to wear a mask. We will be guided by your choice.  


Our agreement


Our team adhere to the latest government advice. In addition, we continue to clean and sanitise all work tools, stations and communal areas. The shop is well ventilated and spacious.

By attending your appointment, you agree to:


1. Willingly consent to having services at The Roots Foundation during the COVID19 pandemic.

2. Release The Roots Foundation from liability for the possibility of unintentional exposure to COVID19.

3. Have your contact details securely and confidentially stored for 21 days, in case of Track and Trace notification.





If you are worried, medically vulnerable or have extra requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team are on hand to make adjustments according to your needs. 

Thank you!